Sunday, June 18, 2017

Scrappy Week

Class Prep and a Question

There's this quilt I've wanted to make since I saw it in Fons and Porter's magazine in 2009.

Granny's Stars by Nancy Mahoney
I thought it would be pretty in batiks with every star being different.  So around 2012 I started setting aside bits of batiks I thought would work.  However, every time I would get out the box to get started on it, I would get muddled up trying to make decisions about fabric placement.  Back in the box it would go.

Fast forward to 2017 and it so happens that Nancy Mahoney is teaching this very class at Tennessee Quilts Fest in Johnson City in July!  I figured if I was EVER going to make this quilt, this would be the time to start so I registered for the class before I could change my mind.

I had cut all the background pieces in February and finally this past week I started cutting the batiks.

I gave up on making decisions and just started cutting.  Little star points, big star points, on-point squares, and 9-patches.  I had piles of batik remnants all over the studio.  I had to carefully label everything because there's not much difference between a 2-1/2" square and a 2-5/8" square!  Lots of little bits and, while not totally scrappy, every star will be different (except for the center square).

Granny's Star mockup
Sure am glad I started cutting early!  My friend Nancy has been wanting t make this quilt, too, so she's going to the class with me.  Nothing like a support system to keep you going ...

Now, changing the subject, I have a question for my Dear Readers -- and it's kinda scrappy-related.  I have about 16 partial 9-patch blocks.

Incomplete 9-patchkes
In just a few cases I have sufficient fabric to make the third row.  Otherwise I would need to disassemble some units in order to complete others.  Is there any way to salvage these bits? 

Should I make totally scrappy 9Ps with the bits I have?  How about taking a square off each to make 4Ps - some would be coordinated and some scrappy (or all scrappy).  Or string them together in long strips and use them as an inner border on a quilt I'm making with the 25 complete 9-patches?

What would you do?

It's time to take a look at other scrappy projects at Oh Scrap.


  1. I think that the first question you should ask yourself is how attached to these almost 9-patches are you. If you aren't then using them for an inner border sounds like a good plan - nice and easy with no fuss. If you really like them, then take the time to turn them into proper 9-patches. Have fun at your class. The stars have aligned and now it is time to get this quilt off of your to-do list.

  2. That's a fabulous star pattern, and the idea of using batiks for it is making my heart go pitty pat!
    As for those partial nines, it looks like a checkerboard waiting to happen. Or just some random nine patches - you can never have too many nine patches!

  3. Oh! I love your star block. The batiks are going to be gorgeous in this design. I agree with Gayle... I would make a checkerboard using the partial nine patch pieces. Also, I turned some random partial nine patches into pot holders a while ago and gave them away. That was fun!

  4. How fortunate that Nancy Mahoney was offering JUST the class for you (and your friend Nancy!) Smart thinking with starting the cutting early. Not sure WHAT you should do with those 9-Patch parts. I might be inclined to see if I could find some similar fabrics and slap them together! Best of luck with your decision.

  5. I love the star block and the pretty batiks you're planning for it! This must be the year for that quilt, perfect timing to take the class. I'm not much good for advice without seeing your plan for the completed nine patch blocks, but maybe a border, since you haven't sewn the partial ones together yet? I'll be interested to see what you decide!

  6. Love your batik star block. How fun that you get to take the class, since you've been wanting to make the project anyway. About your nine-patch parts, I agree with Marlene, using them as a border makes sense.

  7. How about sewing the 3's into 6's and using them for a double-wide border? The checkerboard
    would be just different enough to enhance the 9-patches.
    Your batik version of the pattern will be lovely. Are you using a common background for all the blocks? [And, yes, the 1/8 difference is hard to discern so careful labeling is a time-saving preventive measure.]

  8. I love your batik pattern idea and that star block. The border idea is great for your left over 9p's. mary in Az


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