Thursday, June 15, 2017

May I Whine?

On Thursday I revealed some things I Like.

Today I'm going to vent about somethings that are really bugging me.  So feel free to tune out now.

If a business is going to have a web page, then please keep it up to date.  "News" items from 2012 just don't cut it.

If said business gives the reader an opportunity to "contact us," then, by golly, be ready to respond.

If said business provides a phone number, then at least do me the courtesy of calling me back, even if you cannot accommodate my request.

And if I take the time to actually stop by your establishment to request service, and I'm dressed neatly, and I ask nicely, and I spell things correctly on the service request, then please make sure "your sister" gets said request and schedules someone to assess my situation and give me a quote.

I know this is a busy season for builders, home improvement contractors, and landscapers, but at least call us to let us know you are, indeed, busy.


  1. I've gone back and read several of your posts because I haven't had time to be on my computer. I really like your "like" posts. I don't blame you for whining. A plumbing company we have used for over 30 years lost our business last year for bad service and no response. I was afraid I had missed news on your house search, and I had. We need to get together and catch up. Sharon B in Franklin

  2. Hear hear! And said business should show up or call when they say they will. I spent all day Monday waiting for landscapers who finally showed up at noon on Tuesday. Grrr!


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