Thursday, July 11, 2019

Garden Update

Apparently I missed the memo about feeding and watering.  I won't say the garden is "thriving," but things have continued to grow.  And now that I'm on a more regular schedule of watering and have added a little fertilizer, we may get a little yield after all.

The Bradley tomatoes are questionable.

Bradley Tomato
These are the only fruit so far on the three plants.  I got these plants from a local person and they have done poorly from the beginning.  The cherry tomatoes, on the other hand, are thriving.

Cherry Tomatoes
Since being fertilized, the peppers have finally set fruit.

Before, the pepper would start to develop then fall off.  The cumbers are doing quite well.

First cucumber
They are not only climbing the trellis, they are grabbing on to anything they can find.

Cucumber clutching the dill
The dill has grown taller than the trellis.

It's time to make some chicken salad while I have fresh dill!  The rosemary in front of the dill has been delicious on roasted petite potatoes.  I'm thinking of putting in a fall crop of greens after the tomatoes are done.

Bottom line -- this has been a learning experience.  I'll try to get an earlier start next year.


  1. Gardening is a learning experience but I would say you are a fast learner! We generally don't have a lot of tomatoes until August, hope that happens for you too! Keep going!

  2. my garden is a failure this year - two years running my tomatoes have barely produced. The one pepper plant I have had one pepper on it that was on the plant when I bought it and nothing since and appears to be a stunted plant not doing a darn thing - I fertilized everything, I'm ready to give up soon on these plants and pull everything up!

  3. I'm wondering if I need to fertilize my garden, too - our tomatoes and peppers are doing the same thing! Looks like you're going to have lots of cucumbers, though - yummy!

  4. We missed planting time this spring when I was sick, so no vegetable garden at all this year. I do also enjoy my fresh herbs though -- dill and rosemary doing fine here, along with several other kinds of herbs.

  5. It's a good thing we don't depend on our vegetable garden as a major source of produce because it aint' producin' much this year.

  6. I got to know a catbird when one nested in daughter's cedar hedge which was unusual. I'd never seen one or even heard of them till then. Meanwhile, gardens are always a learning experience. There is so much to them and what works one year may not the next. I also find with my memory, I forget what I learned (esp. the names) from one season to the next. But how great is it to enjoy some things you grew yourself!

  7. I think you've had AMAZING results with your garden experiment!! Everything is still living. That's a BIG win in my book! (So, maybe I don't have the greenest thumb. Why do you ask?) :P

  8. an earlier start... yes, we had snow into June this year. I have finally seen a baby tomato and the hint of a pepper. We fertilized the raised bed when we planted. I also spied a teensy zucchini this week. No eggplants yet but the basil is lush waiting for tomatoes and zukes to flesh out! It's a learning situation when you move, what will thrive. Our soil is hard clay, with rocks on it here, so we started right off with raised beds, clever boxes really. Hope we don't perish from vege raised in plastic boxes. Leeanna

  9. With the wacky weather this year, getting anything to grow and thrive (other than weeds) has been a challenge! Congrats on coaxing yours along.


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