Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Wildlife Wednesday

A New Bird

New to us, anyway.

Grey Catbird - Stock Photo
Decked out in his grey suit and black fedora.
Too slick and fast to photograph.
He runs like a roadrunner rather than hops like a robin.

Last year we had lots of bluebirds and titmice.
This year it's catbirds and gnatcatchers.
I'm wondering if the mild winter and rainy spring affected their food source ...


  1. I think I have seen these before but really not sure - it is too hot that I haven't even seen that many birds around lately!!

  2. I'm always so excited to see a "new-to-us" bird! That's a good looking bird - I haven't seen one before either. Looks like they live in our mountains in spring and summer, though.

  3. It is always exciting to see another new bird.

  4. Hmm... I've never heard of either of your new "neighbors". Thanks for sharing!


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