Sunday, June 26, 2022

My New Toy

The raised garden trug currently sits empty in the secret garden ...

... which would involve either a hike around the garage to the side yard, or a trek down a flight of deck stairs if it were in use.  Neither of which is handy for grabbing herbs as I am prepping dinner.  So I ordered a smaller planting system to go on the deck and after waiting nearly a month for it to arrive from Gardeners Supply, it's finally here.

It's on casters so I can move it around to get the best sun exposure.  I had been nurturing some herbs and a tomato plant indoors for several weeks.  Now they are in their permanent home, assuming they survive the weeks of mistreatment in my kitchen.

I transplanted the two remaining lettuce plants from the birthday colander into the bottom bin along with a struggling thyme plant.  The middle bin has a healthy oregano plant and two hardy rosemary plants.  The top tier has basil and the one sad tomato.  I'll probably wait till I get back from retreat to plant more tomatoes. It rained overnight and everything looks good so far. 

I'm leaving strict instructions with the Main Man for watering in my absence.  The nice thing is the bins are self watering so all he has to do is fill the trays underneath each one through a hole on the end.


  1. That does look handy! I like the way it steps up, and self-watering is pretty neat, too. Enjoy those fresh herbs!

  2. That's a great toy! I would say your herbs look FABULOUS and will thrive! can't beat self-watering! Have fun!


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