Monday, June 6, 2022

What I've Been Doing

 Remember that clear work table from last week?

Well, it didn't take long to fill it up again!
But notice there's a lot less piled on the quilting frame.

I have been going through my TBQ piles in an attempt to move them to the next stage.  Sadly, very few were completely ready to be quilted, whether by me or someone else.  So I have begun to re-measure each one, make bindings where needed, select backing fabrics, and attempt to find an already-cut piece of batting of the appropriate size. (I have a roll of batting but I need a clear table to be able to cut it!)  I have made notes on what needs to be done and packaged the tops in large zipper bags.

The above pile will be donation quilts, and the below stack contains things I want to complete for myself.

I frequently donate tops to the White Oak Women's Exchange in McEwen, TN.  They request a specific size to give to chemo and dialysis patients.  Some of my tops just need a little addition of borders to meet the size requirements so I have selected fabrics and cut the strips to go with.  Hoping to get several of these tops ready to go to WOWE by the end of this month when I will see some of their members.

Oh, and about that quilting frame -- I'm embarrassed to say I have yet to use my mid-arm machine. So I have set aside July for that purpose, even if I have to fly to Utah to learn how!  I have ordered a heavy-duty hanging rack and hangers specifically designed for bedding so that I can have tops and backs prepped and pressed, ready to go on the frame.



  1. yes if you have a mid-arm you need to learn how to use it :) good luck

  2. How long has the midarm been setup in the studio??? It is definitely time to PLAY!!!


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