Thursday, June 9, 2022

Tale of Two Lilies

My Secret Garden had a large area of day lilies and irises growing in an awkward place so last fall I dug them up with the intention of transplanting them.  No surprise, that never happened, and I was bemoaning the fact I would not be able to enjoy their beauty this year.

Imagine my delight yesterday when I discovered one remaining in another section of the garden!

Such a lovely color.  It caught my eye as I was looking out the window of the guest room where I have my desk and I just had to bring it inside to enjoy.  They are called "day" lilies for a reason; a day later and the bloom is already spent.  I'm hoping the additional buds on it will open indoors.

While I was in the garden, I noticed another plant with lily-like foliage about ready to bloom.  

It's hard to tell from the photo, but that plant is more than waist high!  I can't wait to see what opens up.


  1. I left my big huge perennial garden behind when we moved last year and I really miss it. Plans are underway to add a much smaller garden to this house and I'm excited. I love it when we are surprised by the beauty of the outdoors.

  2. Caught up on your posts Libby. Yes to learning how to use the mid sewing machine (I have no idea what it does particularly). Love how you two are utilizing your deck. We have friends in a condo who own roof top space and they have a tv screen up there to enjoy too. Wow, so many lovely quilt blocks and tops to work on. Looks like more lilies to bloom at your place. The colour of yours there is beautiful. Hope your weekend is splendid!

  3. What a pretty lily, Libby! In my experience, I have to be satisfied with the buds. The vast majority of them get eaten by the neighborhood deer right BEFORE they blossom! :o((


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