Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Summer Pleasures

 You may remember the hassles and delays we had last year in replacing our large deck with the view of the lake.  We were finally able to christen it with a New Year's Day celebration.

But, other than that, we have not spent much time out there -- until recently.  DH figured out a way to beam stream the TV signal from the family room out to the deck and now we spend almost every afternoon catching up with the news and each other.

We didn't want to add yet another cable connection and since this TV is not weather resistant, we have it on a movable stand so that it goes back into the living room each day.  I try to take a little handwork out with me.  Sunday I was deconstructing some blocks to fit a six-inch border for one of the WOWE donation quilts.

With the wonderful weather we have had there has been a lot of activity on the lake,

... mostly pontoons and kayaks, but also an occasional duck or swan!


  1. our son in law has a tv mounted in the corner of the deck and left it there all year - I was surprised as he put no covering over it for the winter or for raining days - I guess it is weather resistance. I like their deck but no screen like mine - I wish for screens!!

  2. Porch time is always lovely! We've been out on ours, too, although without the TV and a view of the lake, lol! Enjoy!

  3. We've had some wonderful porch/deck weather here in VA, too. So glad you are enjoying yours. Great idea to make the tv and outdoor tv!

  4. Your deck is beautiful. I wish I could come over and just hang out


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