Tuesday, September 26, 2023

I've Been Sewing!

Recovering slowly from my week at Life's a Bear Retreat. But I finally got back into the sewing room last week after getting the machine back in place, though I can't say the pathways through the sewing room are anyway close to cleared.  

The first thing I tackled was assembling the rows of chunky churn dash (I've since learned the block is also called 4-square) at Devo last Tuesday.

I am auditioning fabrics for borders.  The current plan is to donate this one to a very young heart transplant patient.

At 4th Friday (the guild open sew day) I finished assembling the blocks for Gray Flannel Suit (the charm square fabrics remind me of men's ties) and yesterday I added the borders.

I have been reviewing my UFOs, looking for some that can be quickly finished at the next sew day, either Devo or 4th Friday.  In the process I came across a moldy oldie -- Of Flowers and Snails by The Artist's Palette.  

LOTS of snails trail blocks that twist in both directions and include different combinations of fabrics.  I think I originally planned to use the finished snails trail blocks in a small quilt... 

... but when I opened the box I found that I have cut most, if not all, the blocks! 

So every day this week I will try to get at least one group of blocks made.  Sadly, I can't find the pattern, so a friend is going to bring me hers at the next retreat in November where I will have plenty of design wall space to lay it out because it's a double!


  1. Those are some great WiPs, Libby! I especially like the chunky churn dash set on point. The Snail's Trail quilt design looks complicated! Have fun with that one!

  2. Wow! When you get into gear you shift into high! How's your progress with the long arm?

  3. Your chunky churn dash looks great, and I like that name! Nice to have pieces already cut for your snail's tail quilt.


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