Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Tip for Tuesday - Borders

One of the things I find frustrating about adding borders is measuring accurately.  I can't always depend on my sewing being so accurate that the math of (block size) x (number of blocks) = (length of border).  This is especially hard when blocks are set on point!  And I don't always have a flat space large enough to accurately measure the exact dimension.  Rather than cut to the measurement in the pattern or my attempted measurement, I figure what the measurement should be and place pins in the border strip to define the length.

End points marked on inner border

I also mark the mid-point, then pin the border to the edge of the quilt, starting with the middle and ends, then working the space in between.  In theory it should fit.

If it is grossly off, then I know I have made a mistake in one of my calculations.  If it is off 1/4" or less on either end, I may let it slide.  (Yes, I know my quilt won't be exactly square, but I'm not entering any contests.)

Nothing is worse than cutting your border, only to discover it is too short!

And that's my tip for the second Tuesday in February.
Keep warm and quilt on.

PS:  I'm glad I did it this way because I was an inch off.  I had just enough inner border.

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  1. Good tip. That's basically the way I do my borders too. I measure through the middle and top and bottom and average to get the length of first two sides. Then do it again on the other direction. Usually it works well.


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