Sunday, February 2, 2014

Welcome February!

It's Groundhog Day and Punxatawny Phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter.  Since we're expecting yet another week of freezing weather here in Middle Tennessee, I think Phil got it right for a change!

Today is also the final link-up day for Bonnie Hunter's mystery Celtic Solstice.  Sadly I made no progress in January, nothing to show.  Now that I have been released from jury duty after my 3-day stint on an arson case, I may have time to work on it this week.  But more likely it will wait until a retreat later in February.

I had to work frantically today, but I finished Rock Island Campfires.  (It's a dreary day here so the colors don't show as bright as they really are when taken from the balcony overlooking the living room floor.)

My original border choice which kinda guided my overall fabric selection was the animal print on the left, but it was too busy with the blocks.  My second choice was the geometric print on the right.  Though it had many of the colors I had used, it was too busy, as well.  (I think this will now go on the back as I don't see a future for it anywhere else.)

The fabric on the right was too light.  Then I tried the floral on the left with the hot pink polka dots.  I really wanted that one to work, but the white dots in the background made the black look gray against the sashing.  I find it so interesting how combinations of colors on a fabric will change how our eyes see it.   It's an important lesson that has taken me a decade to understand.

I finally went with my favorite checkerboard print.

So I have a finish this week and I can count 5 yards out.  Even though it's a small twin, there is a LOT of fabric in the seams.

In this Week: 0 yds
In year to Date:  42.5 yds
Out this Week: 5 yards
Out Year to Date: 23.5 yards
Net Used for 2014: -19 yards

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for Sunday Stash report.


  1. I really like your finish, and that border works so well. I like the other fabrics, but I can understand why none of them worked.


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