Friday, February 7, 2014

What Is This?

First, a Friday Finish to announce:  Cathedral Stars, started in a Bonnie Hunter class in March 2011, is to the flimsy stage!!

Cathedral Stars
I don't have a space to display it laid out (and my bed is too messy to photograph today).  Here it is before the borders.

Cathedral Stars before borders
I posted tips for doing borders here.  Girl, am I glad I used that technique because my math said one thing and the quilt was an inch larger, but only in one dimension, even though it's supposed to be a square quilt.

Now, I have a question for you.  What is this??

What is this?

You can see the dimensions from my scruffy cutting mat.  Here's two more shots from top and side.

What? top view
What? side view

It showed up during my cleaning frenzy after finishing two tops in the last two weeks.  I think I got it, as is, in a grab bag of quilty stuff several years ago.  It's obviously missing some pieces and parts.  I checked the June Tailor website and it's no longer offered.  I'm guessing it's a notion for hand sewing and this is how I'm using it.

Handwork Tool Caddy?
What do you think?

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Keep warm and quilt on!


  1. Should have a little dowel (rod) in that slot in the middle, which would hold a spool of thread. The rest of it you pretty much figured out, thimble, scissors, etc . I believe it was made for hand quilters so everything was together and handy.

  2. I thought that a dowel for thread might be what goes in the middle. My needle case is too big for the hole. Do you think it was for needles or something else? I'm thinking some kind of pin cushion and a needle threader would be helpful, too.

  3. I don't know what that is but it's certainly unique looking! And your quilt is beautiful! Whoop whoop!!


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