Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nuts and Bolts

That's what we call this gathering -- Nuts and Bolts.  You can bet we've got some of each.

First, a status update on my plans.

1.  Cruise Quilt - trimmed it but decided the trimmings from the back were not appropriate for the binding.  I think I have more of the border fabric at home, or at least something close.  Packed that one away.

2.  Dusk to Dawn - added inner and outer borders and made the back.  Still need to make binding, but went ahead and packed that one away.  It will remain a flimsy till I need it for something.

3.  Starstruck - Turns out I had enough blocks made and it didn't take long to get the center together.  When I decided that it would make a better gift than a charity quilt, I sent an emissary to Whittle's (I didn't want the temptation) to pick up nicer fabrics for the borders.  The top is finished and binding made.  I'll use something at home for the back.


4.  Stars of Summer - made a sample block and decided the stars will be too dark with the fabrics I planned to use.  Plus I discovered that, in a fit of efficiency, I had left the remaining background fabric at home.  STYMIED!  Back in the box.

5.  Jack's Chain - I got bored cutting chunks for the 9Ps.  It's still in the box.  But it's only Thursday.....

6.  Celtic Solstice.  After analyzing what was in the two boxes, I determined that the reason I got bogged down was the fact I had run out of the blue corner fabric I was using on Birthday Girl blocks and I also need a few better looking chevrons, as well.  In all I am short 4 BG blocks.  They will go in the corners.  Just 7 blocks away from putting the center together.

And I still have binding to do while watching skating tonight.  All is well with the world.  Except that I'm not sure I can upload photos on this new travelling gizmo MM (Main Man) gave me/us for Valentine's Day.

We're anticipating rough weather this evening.  Hope we don't lose power (or miss dinner).  In any case we'll just

Keep Calm
Quilt On


  1. Alright, Lib. Time to let everyone know about our retreat. I had a great time sitting with you and Kristen. Show off your beautiful quilts.

    1. Will do. But the camera is still in the car!!

  2. Do you have a Facebook account to be able to follow you? Thanks-love looking at your work!

    1. No, Bev, I don't post to Facebook because I forgot my password. Silly, I know, and lazy, too. But I think it would be beneficial to get up and running so maybe I'll make that a goal for March!

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