Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Has Sprung .....

... in a big way.  And my head knows it.  And my chest knows it.

I'm not usually so adversely affected by spring pollen -- maybe a day or two of watery eyes or runny nose.  But this year it went straight to my lungs, giving me a non-productive cough accompanied by a dull headache.  That, combined with malfunctioning internal plumbing, sent me to the doctor and imaging center.  Nothing serious, as it turns out.  Continue with allergy pills and lose weight.  I could have told him that and saved a lot of money, too!

The bottom line is the last two weeks have not been very productive ones, in the house or in the sewing room.  I made 18 blocks for Kevin the Quilter's QOV block drive -- should've been 24 but I mis-cut 6 squares ;-(.  I'm also sending him 2 yards of patriotic fabric to use for binding.  So my total out for the week is 4 yards.

Yesterday I also finished a full-size flimsy based on Kevin's block, but at a smaller scale.  Since the fabric came from my guild's charity stash, I can't count any of it out of mine.  We have a good supply of lap and nap quilts on hand, but in a disaster big quilts are needed.  This is a nice size for a twin spread, but will also fit a double if just used as a quilt.  My blocks finished at 8" and it's set 9 x 10.  I'll leave it to someone else at guild to finish up.


In this Week:            0 yards
In year to Date:      103.75 yards
Out this Week:          4.0 yards
Out Year to Date:   66.0 yards
Net Used 2014:       -37.75 yards
Back to Spring ... The daffodils have been very prolific this year; maybe our harsh winter was good for them.  But all the ivy has browned out, I assume from the multiple hard freezes.  Time will tell.  The helibores (Lenton roses) are blooming and the arum is poking through the mulch.  It's snowing cherry blossoms on the back patio, redbuds are in bloom, and the dogwoods are loaded with buds.  In about 2 weeks we won't be able to see across the street because of leaves on the trees.
And our 7 deer just grazed their way across the back hillside.  I can see evidence that they have been munching on the day lily foliage; time to break out the Deer Off.
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  1. Your blue and white quilt turned out great. Kevin's block challenge is going to produce a lot of great quilts for our heros, thanks for helping.

  2. The blue and white quilt is beautiful. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Your polka dot quilt is so cheery! Love the color. I haven't sent any blocks in for Kevin's quilt challenge, but need to get some made. Hope your allergies are better very soon!

    1. The dots are really snowflakes and what look white in the photo is really tan. I didn't want to make it too seasonal. I think it would make a nice background for some huge flowers. Maybe next time ....

  4. Sorry you haven't been feeling well Libby......I think the "funk"is all over the place! My sis was so dizzy when she came to visit me, she couldn't do anything but lay in bed the whole time! Thanks for your generous donations in advance! I truly appreciate everything you have done, and are doing! Your donation quilt turned out awesome! Way to go!

    1. Thanks, Kevin. I had fun making your blocks (in spite of my travails) and making the comfort quilt, too.


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