Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Little Time with Peg

I was blessed to be able to spend some quilty-quality time with Peg Bingham, known in quilting circles as "The Knot Lady," over the last few days.

Peg and Me

Courthouse Quilters had an all-day knot class with her on Saturday.  And I sat in on her lecture about the history of machine quilting today at Cumberland Valley Quilters Assn.

Unfinished  large table runner

Even though our class was the "Overhand Knot Medallion," I chose to do a table runner.  I started at home with the large size -- it's really large, almost covers my table before borders!  My plan is to expand it into a bed runner if I have enough of the brown fabric.

I'll have to remove the last knot section and add a bit more in the middle to make it work.  I got the pattern for the expanded version today.

So I started a small one.  I know, the photos make them look about the same; however, the large has 2" strips and the small 1-1/2" strips which makes a big difference in proportions.  

Small table runner before borders

I'm thinking of making several of these as Christmas gifts for the A-Team sitters.  This is one of those projects that almost takes more time to cut out than to sew.  Organization is the key, and Peg's instructions are very meticulous.

So this is what has been on my design wall the last few days.  And all the fabric is from my stash!

However, I did manage to add 14-3/4 yards to my stash last week.  One yard of Peanuts fabric will be gifted later this month.  Once I decided exactly what to do with the chocolate brown with sprinkles from the week before, I realized I needed 3 more yards.  And the paisley from the previous week -- it was just keeping me up at night thinking about it so I went back for the rest of the bolt.  Add to that 6-1/2 yards of Kona Snow (can't have enough of that!) from Hobby Lobby and a half yard of orange grunge from The Quilting Squares.

Stash report this week:
     In this Week:            14.75 yards
     Out this Week:          0 yards
     In year to Date:         192.5 yards
     Out Year-to-Date:      136.5 yards
     Net Used 2014         -56.0 yards

I initially resisted tracking my fabric usage because I thought there was no way to calculate what I had on hand.  Then I realized it's all a matter of relativity.  All I really should be concerned with is if I can use more than I take in.  I'm hopeful the S'mores retreat next week will yield a few finishes.

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  1. Lovely! I like the smaller one. It seems like a more workable size. Nice work!

    1. Thanks, Mari. It IS a more usable size; working with the smaller pieces in such an odd construction was a challenge, though. It goes together very quickly.


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