Friday, August 8, 2014

My Not-So Friday Finish

The day began with fresh enthusiasm and high hopes of having a Friday Finish to report.

In my search for nearly-finished UFOs to take to S'mores retreat next week I came across a box labeled Asian Pinwheel.

I wrote about these blocks late last year, how I set out to make one for a comfort quilt and got carried away.  And ended up making a pineapple block instead.

Thinking all I had to do was lay out the blocks in a 4x5 setting and add the snowball corners, I jumped right in.

Oh no! Only 10 of the 20 blocks were finished.  One of the 10 had too-white corners.

Corners too white

And one had a totally different feature fabric from the cranes I had been using.


The rest of the blocks were cut and it appeared I might have enough crane fabric to replace the odd block.  Now I'm running out of time -- need to prep for a class I'm teaching tomorrow......  Maybe I could make do with 16 blocks in a 4x4 setting.   Sigh.

Not happy with the look of the snowball corners coming together, maybe a sashing would help.  But what color, what fabric, how big, oh my!  This much thought over what will be a comfort quilt!

Asian Pinwheel blocks

Time to put it back in the box.  I ALMOST had a finish this Friday.  I was THIS close (holding thumb and index finger 1/2" apart) .....

Four-patch Posey class tomorrow.  Handbells on Sunday, then prep for guild program on Monday.  AND pack for S'mores retreat starting Monday afternoon.  AND make meals and meal-plan for my Main Man to have while I'm gone.  AND scrub the kitchen floor....

 Hope your Friday was better than mine.

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