Thursday, August 28, 2014

Green with Envy

Wouldn't you be envious of this dedicated space?

Kristen's Craft Cottage

S'mores had a slow/no-sew day at Kristen's Craft Cottage yesterday.  At the end of the day we didn't want to leave this sweet cottage tucked under the trees.  When Kristen decided to take up scrapbooking in addition to quilting, she quickly outgrew the second bedroom in their already cozy house.  Her solution:  a 20 x 20 Amish-built shed. 

One half is dedicated to quilting.

Quilting Side

Kristen makes the most amazing cards so the other half is dedicated to stamping and scrapbooking.

Stamping Central!

Scrapbooking Corner

You are probably wondering, "What does a S'more do on a slow/no-sew day?"

Kristen assembled storage cubes for her growing stamp collection, Donna crocheted coasters, Shirley knitted on a blanket for a new grandchild, Nancy pinned Smith Mountain Morning units, Frances did some hand-piecing, and I hung two flannel-back tablecloths to lay out S'more Blue and Easy Street.

S'more Blue ready to stitch

Easy Street ready to stitch

All-in-all, a lovely day with lovely friends in a lovely setting.  And we got a bunch accomplished!  Success.


  1. Kristen's cottage looks great! Wish I could have gone. Your quilts are looking good! Looking forward to seeing them with the borders. Sharon B.

  2. Sounds like sew much fun!!! Love that building - I'm definitely green with envy too!!! I love my studio space in the bonus room, but it sure can't compare to that!

    1. Your space is lovely -- just different. I wish I were half as organized as Kristen...


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