Friday, May 8, 2015

Five Finish Friday

... Yes, FIVE!

Although I did not re-up in guild this year for a variety of personal reasons, they thoughtfully included me in their Spring retreat.  As I've said before, I save finishes, especially larger ones, for a retreat where there will be large tables to lay out and measure and pin long seams, etc.  So, many of these projects were close to done before I arrived on Tuesday afternoon.

Since it was on top of the pile, I attacked Lavender and Lime Mary's Triangles first.

Lavender and Lime MT
All it needed was a border to become a finished flimsy.  It's a small lap or crib size.  3 yards out.

Next I arranged all the Butterscotch pieces and parts on a design wall.  With a few replacements here and there, I came up with a layout I could live with.  So I took the rows down, pinned and numbered, before the AC blew them down overnight.  Assembling the rows became my leader/ender (L/E) project as I was working on other things.

Next up was Wink & a Smile, a class sample that needed a border.

Wink & a Smile
Another quick finish.  4.25 yards out.

It was time to get out Classic 4-Patch.  All the rows had been assembled and numbered at home; the two corners were complete.  It was just an exercise in stitching the remaining long rows together and adding corner triangles.  However the inner border fabric I had selected was not "playing well" with the rest of the quilt, so I was not able to finish it.  I did get the "Women of Courage" border print cut for the borders on C4P, but I can't claim a finish on this one, yet.

Classic 4-Patch
Happy Talk required a little more work.  At home I had made some tactical mistakes in attaching the long sashing strips, and without any notes to work from, it took me a while to figure out where I was going.  It did not help that I attached the longest row without offsetting the blocks to accommodate the on-point setting and had to reverse sew.

Happy Talk
Happy Talk is a finished flimsy and has already been gifted to a friend who admired it (and who has a longarm to quilt it).  6 yards out.

Needless to say, I got a lot of Butterscotch rows together in between finagling with Classic 4-Patch and Happy Talk!  It was time to finish assembly, add borders, and call it done.

This, too, has been gifted to another friend who admired it.  5.25 yards out.

With time left in the day I pulled out the two small Athena's Puzzles I had not finished at the snowy February retreat.  I added setting triangles and borders to the blue one.

Athena Blue

I didn't have enough of the proper fabrics to finish the orange one so it's back in the box.  Athena Blue is a nice wheelchair size.  2.5 yards out.

A total of 21 yards in the "used" column.  I'd say, all-in-all, it was a successful retreat!!

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  1. Congratulations on a successful retreat. What a wide variety of projects you finished.

  2. What a productive retreat, Libby. I like all your designs. The pinwheel + four patch is especially appealing.

  3. Oh my! Look at all of the gorgeous eye candy! You had me at classic 4 patch! Delicious!

  4. "With time left in the day"... hahaha! You are a whirlwind wonder Libby! I bet your guild pals get a real kick out what you are able to do during a retreat and just had to make sure you wouldn't miss it for the entertainment value alone.
    Great looking projects and I really love that four patch on point!

    1. And i do realize that you accomplished all this over the course of a few days Libby - I still think you are a whirlwind!

  5. Wow! You had a VERY successful retreat! And what great quilts!! I am not a purple person, but your Lavender and Lime is gorgeous. I think it's the pops of lime that really draw me in on that one. What a great collection of beautiful quilts.


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