Sunday, May 10, 2015

It Never Rains ...

 ... but it pours!

While I was at retreat last week, we had to have a pressure reducer valve added to our incoming water line at home. 

The plumber who installed it noticed that the faucet at one of the sinks in the Queen Mother suite was leaking and needed to be replaced.  Since we're planning to sell soon, we might as well replace both sink faucets in that bathroom so they match.

And, as long as the plumber is going to be here, let's get a new faucet for the powder room to replace the 90s brass fixture that is corroded.  That's on today's ToDo list.

Then, yesterday I wanted to microwave popcorn to munch on while watching the golf tournament.  I tried one packet; it didn't pop.  Maybe it was out of date -- nope.  I tried a second packet for a longer time.  Nothing.  I tried boiling water with the Quick Minute.  Tepid.  I tried boiling water by setting the timer.  The outside of the microwave was hot, the Pyrex measuring cup was hot, the water was tepid.

That microwave wasn't even two years old!  The Main Man returned from the appliance store with a new one,  This time he purchased the extended warranty!

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  1. they are made to go out so you have to replace them often, every thing is now


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