Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Finishes

... Partially

Second allergy attack of the season has slowed me down this week.  Nevertheless I've managed to stitch up some bits and pieces of a couple of projects.

All of the white squares for "Twist of Lime" are finished and I'm making headway on the gray squares with black centers.

Twist of Lime
Once I get the gray squares done, this project will go back in the box until a retreat later this summer where I will have a design wall large enough to accommodate laying out and arranging the blocks.

I've set myself a goal of 4-5 string blocks every day -- 20 finished this week!

String blocks

I've been working on these after dinner while watching "500 Questions."  Anybody else hooked on that program?  I sure hope they keep it going.

And, finally, I've pulled out what I should be working on -- prepping for "Japanese Star" which I'll be teaching next Saturday at the Covered Bridge Quilt Guild in Princeton, IL.

Japanese Star
Lots of errands on the schedule today.  I'd better get crackin'.


  1. Love that Japanese Star!!! Allergies are horrible this year - hope you stay well the rest of the year :)

  2. String blocks are so satisfying. I like your all-brown colorway. And the Japanese Star is wonderful!

  3. What a nice variety of blocks to work on - just the thing to keep you from becoming bored. The Japanese Star is great. A triangle or diamond log cabin is on my to-do-list and you are inspiring me to do it sooner rather than later.

  4. Way to go with those string blocks! I love making them as well! What size are yours? The Japanese Star is a stunner! Congrats on the teaching invite!


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