Monday, May 18, 2015

Making Headway!

... heading on ... and a Giveaway

I managed to get the Sunflower Braid flimsy together in time for my stencilled quilts lecture last Tuesday.  2 yards out

Sunflower Braid
The back is now ready and I have plans to get it quilted before I repeat the lecture in Princeton, IL next month.  2 yards out

Backs for Athena Blue, Lavender and Lime, and Wink & a Smile added to my stash busting last week.  5.75 yards out

I'm making headway in my attempts to balance my stash numbers!

Weekly Stash Report - May 18, 2015
     In last week:                         0.0 yards
    Out last week:                      9.75 yards
     In year to Date:                 93.75 yards
     Out Year-to-Date:             62.50 yards
     Net Used 2015                  31.25 yards 

On the agenda this week:

Remembering my 2015 Resolution to FINISH!, I could not, in good conscience, leave the remaining trapezoids in the 3-inch braid box.  Since I did not use all the completed braids in Sunflower Braid, I decided to make additional braids and see if I had enough to build more than a wall hanging.  The difference this time being I will not stencil the separating strips.  Instead I have cut lengthwise strips of this sunflower print.

Sunflower separatore strips
I think the end result will be quite striking.  And it should make a nice twin size quilt.

I got to thinking -- that's a dangerous thing -- thinking about other braid quilts and how pretty they would be in more colorful fabrics and, and, and .... before I could think twice I had cut all my existing 3" strips into braid trapezoids.

Hence, the giveaway.  To the first two U.S. readers who ask, I will split what I have already cut.  It won't be enough for a whole quilt, but it will get you started and give you some variety to your stash.  I will include instructions for cutting from 3" strips using an Easy Angle ruler.

The rest of the week will be devoted to cleanup and recovery from the last few weeks of frantic activity in the sewing room.  I will be heading to Maryville on Friday for a Tennessee Regional Quilt Study Group meeting at the Smoky Mountain Quilt Show.  Of course, I can't go to Maryville without a visit to Pappy's.  I have two fabric pieces I specifically need.  Hoping I won't be tempted beyond that!

To see what other quilters are working on this week, hop over to Patchwork Times.

Have a great week, Y'all!


  1. Your new braid quilt is going to be beautiful with the stripes between the braids. Great idea!

  2. Well, I'd love to have some of the cutaway fabric. Thanks for the offer!
    (And when will you be in Princeton? Maybe I can go....)

  3. I was all set to say yes to the extra cuts but really, do I NEED more fabric that will probably sit around and not be used? Of course not. So, hopefully someone else will give it a good home where it won't be shoved on a shelf and forgotten about. I really like the yellow quilt with the stenciling on it.

  4. What a great plan to use up the "left overs".


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