Thursday, July 30, 2015

A New Direction

Cleaning will do that to you!


What a difference a day (or two ... or four) will make.  This was Sunday.

So much for a clean work table!


I decided that, before I got back to projects in progress, I'd do a little more cleaning of the work table.  Some of those project boxes had been there since 2008 -- and before!

It was time to make some decisions:  Am I going to finish, modify, or trash?

Lady Liberty -
New York Beauty Blocks

Lady Liberty Goes to Hawaii - class with Karen Stone at Indiana Heritage Quilt Show 2008

The class left a lot to be desired and for a time I was considering just trashing the project as paper piecing is not really my forte.

However, seeing it now I think I will continue with the full quilt.  All the chunks are cut and it has great possibilities.

Eye of the Piper
Eye of the Piper - class with Susan Cleveland at Tennessee QuiltFest 2009

Susan is an excellent teacher and I am glad I have her piping tool, but I don't see myself making the entire quilt.   I will look for something to include my one block in and recycle the hand-dyed fabrics I had planned to use.  I do plan to use a piped border on an upcoming project so the class was not a total waste.

Wall Flower

Wall Flower - class with Elsie Campbell at Mountain Quiltfest 2011

I lost my enthusiasm for this project when it got to the machine applique on the corners.  I think I like the star and may try to work it into a simple wall hanging with plain fabric for the corners and side triangles.

Summer Heat - class with Nancy Mahoney at Mountain Quiltfest 2012

Did I mention that I'm not a fan of paper piecing?  Nevertheless,  I was determined to finish and plugged on with the B blocks (corner units) for several week before putting it aside.

 However, the A units weren't going together very well -- turns out one of the chunks needed to be about a quarter inch bigger.  So I will be recutting the last few pieces in order to finish the last 27 units.  Still need to select a sashing fabric and it will be an easy finish!

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  1. See... you shouldn't clean! :) Your NY Beauty is my favorite of the bunch. This one is on my list of quilts to make. I'm right with you with paper piecing though... I do not enjoy it.Summer Heat is going to be beautiful, too!


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