Thursday, July 9, 2015

Another Bird Blessing

Cedar Waxwing

A few days ago I heard a commotion on the hill below.  When I stepped out on the lower deck I could see a congregation of birds in the treetops carrying on a very animated conversation with each other.  I spied tufts on the tops of their heads, like cardinals except they were not red.

Once or twice a year we are blessed with a visit from cedar waxwings.  They travel in flocks and normally make a soft zzzz-ing sound.  What I heard this day was their call to the flock.  They eat mostly berries and my previous exposure to them was one day when they cleaned out berries from my two Foster holly trees in about 5 minutes flat!

Again, I can't take credit for the photo -- too high and far away.  If you want to know more about birds go to All About Birds (

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  1. Cedar waxwings are the tidiest-looking birds, so trim in their brown suits.


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