Monday, July 6, 2015

What's Up?

Clean Cutting Table
... on the design wall

Yesterday I was touting my clean cutting table.  

Today I'm celebrating a nearly empty leader/ender box!

Leader-Ender Box

I have tried L/E many times in the past, but just couldn't get it working -- either I'd forget to put something under the needle, or I'd get excited about the L/E project and bust ahead on it.  About two months ago I decided to dedicate myself to the process, beginning with a pile of sew-and-flip cut off corners.

The blue and red pieces were cut off Starstruck that I finished over a year ago.  The rest are from Twist of Lime, currently underway.  I keep all these little finished HSTs in an ice cream bucket (a Kroger Party Pail, to be precise) and periodically I'll take the bucket to the kitchen and trim while keeping an eye on dinner prep.

So what's a girl to do with an empty leader/ender box?

Inspired by a quilt I saw on Jo Kramer's blog, Jo's Country Junction, I have cut some more half-square triangles from a roll of Moda's "Grunge" strips.

Cutting HSTs with Easy Angle
Wanting to get a lot of variety in my color combos, I began by cutting the strips in half and made rough pairings.  I can get six units from half of the cut strip (or 1/4 of a whole strip).  I then take the remainder of one color and pair it with the next color on my pile.  The cut units are currently stacked on a square ruler for transportation to the L/E box.

And the cutting table is occupied again .....

Have a great week, Y'all!  And check out what others are working on at Patchwork Times.


  1. So organized! Looks like the start of another great project

  2. I'm trying to sew Ohmigosh as leaders and enders but I keep having to move the pieces around when I put borders or bindings on quilts. The organisation is driving me crazy.
    I'm not sure I remember what a clean cutting table looks like!


  3. I struggle with leader-enders too. Like you, I get excited to forge ahead on the project. Looks like you'll have lots of variety in your HSTs. Have fun with them!

  4. Yeah, I started Garden Party as a leader/ender project and it galloped away with me. I finally just had to finish it, just to get it off my mind!
    Good luck with your leader/ender. May it serve its function. 8)

  5. I want one of those.......a clean cutting table! I think I need to just shove everything on my table into a box and each day find a home for 5 items in the box.


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