Friday, July 3, 2015

A Tribute

... to the Queen Mother

My mother-in-law, who has lived with us here on the hill since becoming a widow in 2008, turned 95 yesterday.

Angie and Pops
She was a draftsman in the airplane industry during WWII.  After marriage she became the ultimate mother and hostess, doing everything with style and flair.

In "her day" she was an artist ...

Displaying her needlepoint stocking

... needle artist -- both needlepoint and crewel embroidery...

Crewel Bell Pull

seamstress (tailored all her clothing), knitter, and quilter extraordinaire...

Iris kit quilt circa 1960
"If it's not totally handmade it's not a 'real' quilt!"

Second oldest of eight sisters, four of whom have already succumbed to Alzheimer's, today she is unable to hold a brush or a needle and she barely remembers her talents, even though we have surrounded her with many reminders.

We had a quiet family celebration yesterday.  She was flooded with cards from my friends.  She doesn't remember that she doesn't know them.  She just knows she is special.

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  1. So sweet, and so sad. My goodness she does have the talents....amazing work ! : )

  2. So sad that dementia has taken the best of her. Looks like she was a very talented lady in her day.

  3. She sounds like fascinating woman. Perhaps knowing that she is special and loved is what is most important now.

  4. Besides the fact that she has made some beautiful artwork and is a beautiful soul.......I think you are pretty beautiful for helping take care of her. So many "in-laws" don't do that anymore for family members. God bless you for helping your husband and his mother out!

  5. Your mother in law is a talented lady in many ways. so congratulations with her birthday. So glad to hear you take good care of her. You ar a talented lady too!!

  6. I think one of the saddest things in life is seeing our older generation lose themselves as they age. We lose them as well in the process - all the love and talent and energy they brought to life. But losing them to Alzheimers is so much more devastating. I am so sorry your family is living through that right now and pray for strength and courage for you all.


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