Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Looking Ahead

I can't help it ...

Happy Surprise
Yes, I remember my 2015 pleadge to FINISH what I work on ...

Yes, I know, I have more than a couple things on the front burners ...

Yes, I'm being faithful (sort of) to the leader/ender process ...

But I just HAD to see how the current L/E project is working out!

I'm glad I did this little test run because I can see that the low-contrast combos, especially the dark ones, are not as striking.  I think I will rearrange some of my pairs to get more contrast between light and dark.

Full leader/ender box
This project is a design by Jo Kramer and her daughter Kelli.  Their quilt appears in (and on the cover of) the 2016 American Patchwork & Quilting calendar.  Using a Jelly Roll of Moda "Grunge," I've cut the half-square triangles using the Easy Angle ruler.

Progress thus far:


  1. Another beauty in the making, Libby!

  2. I think of grunge as being dingy, dirty. Not these fabrics. Sometimes simple designs are the best. (Wanda Hanson at Exuberant Color is the best at that.)

  3. It looks like it's working! Sharon B in Franklin I faile.d the robot test. I must be a robot

  4. Great L/E project! I love the Grunge line of fabrics - such gorgeous color. Maybe pop in just a few deep darks and pales along with your brights for more contrast & sparkle?

  5. Actually I really love that some of your HSTs have less contrast. Libby they look shimmery and beautiful!


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