Monday, September 28, 2015

Counting Down

... in More Ways Than One

Less than two week till Peg Bingham's Fall Quilt Camp in Ripley, WV!

Before I go full-steam into class preparations, I need to clear some things off my sewing table.  To justify, these projects are ones I plan to show in the Teacher Spotlight as potential future classes.

This first project I am calling "Trip to Melbourne" because a gifted pack of 10-inch squares of Benartex Melbourne was the starting point.

Trip to Melbourne a/k/a Spare Change
I added fabrics from my stash to make this a large twin.  The pattern is "Spare Change" from the book Loose Change by Kansas Troubles Quilters.  All the patterns are very easy, using precut squares.

This second project I'm calling "Gray Side of the Moon" because I seem to be in my "gray phase" of fabric love.

Gray Side of the Moon a/k/a Top-Notch Diamonds
 The pattern is "Top-Notch Diamonds" from the October 2015 edition of  American Patchwork & Quilting.  (Sorry, the lighter gray diamonds blend into the flannel-back tablecloth design wall.)  I've been using strips I had previously cut for a failed project.  The pattern calls for trimming the diamonds to square up the quilt but I can't bear to waste that much effort. Instead, I plan to add half-diamonds on the sides and plain setting triangles top and bottom which may involve a fabric purchase... oh, well.

I'm also counting down to the end of the year, hoping to balance my stash enhancement with outgoing projects.  Nothing added this week and nothing to count out.

So that's what's on my design wall this Monday morning.  Head over to Patchwork Times to see what the rest of the quilting world is working on.


  1. Those look like fun! (Is is bad that my first look at Melbourne/Spare Change made me think 'ooooh, that would make a great RSC block...'? Hey, thanks. Now I've got ANOTHER quilt I want to make.)
    (In other words, excellent class idea!)

  2. I love the diamond quilt. The gray offsets the pops of colors so well. Just gorgeous.

  3. I have come across several on-point patterns recently that called for sewing blocks then chopping them off to square the sides - what a waste of time and fabric. Even if you do need to buy some fabric you will know that you are getting the best use of it with the setting triangles. What a great way to use the strips from the failed project.

  4. I love your gray side of the mountain! It really does look like a mountain range with fall colors shining on the peaks. I wouldn't cut those diamonds either.

  5. Oh I'm loving that grey diamond quilt project, I'm partial to greys myself!

  6. The soft colors in both quilts are lovely and soothing. And a good balance of an easy block with a more challenging one. (I assume those diamonds take some thought.)

  7. Nice twists on both projects! I like your fabric choices.

  8. Both your projects are looking great! I love the colors you've blended together.

  9. Fun projects. I'd sign up for both if they were offered as classes. I really like those bits of bright in with the grays.


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