Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Avoidance Reflex

... I'm cleaning!

Under-stairs Closet
Back in my secretarial days, whenever I had to take fake shorthand, my avoidance reflex was to get veeery sleepy.  Now I recognize that when I start something totally out of character -- like cleaning out a closet -- I must be avoiding something.  Hmmm .... could it be writing a class supply list?

In spite of my best intentions to make 8 Top Notch Diamond blocks a day, I missed a few days for out-of-the-house activities and before I knew it I had an itch to clean out my closet. (I wish I had taken a before picture.)  The problem was so much (s)crap had accumulated in the studio because I couldn't get into the closet to put stuff away.

On the left I got rid of two shoe cubbies that had been intended for FQs but were really just messy space hogs.

Left Side - Scraps and Miscellaneous
Instead I now have space to stack my scrap shoeboxes where I can read the labels and they're not teetering on the edge of the hearth.  (I've relocated the stacking bins and added a few more project boxes since this photo was taken.)

Right Side - Class and Retreat Supplies
On the right side I have consolidated class and retreat supplies along with some hand-sewing projects.

Rear Wall
Since the closet is underneath the basement stairs I had to find something that would fit at the low end.  Those drawers contain some "theme" topics; there is space in the top drawer for another theme (or two).  The blue storage bag on the left contains all my S'mores quilts made from block swaps and group projects.

Now I just need to find a place for all the bags of batting scraps that came out of that back corner .... the mice will be disappointed.  Hey, when you live in the woods you expect to share your space with a few critters.  However, mouse bait is on this week's shopping list!

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  1. Looks like you have a fine storage system and a great place for it under the stairs. Good luck with the mouse issue.

  2. Like your organization. I'm a bit envious of your closet. It's looking great!
    When I lived next to a field, the mice just kept coming in no matter what I did. They even gnawed through the lids of the flour and sugar Tupperware canisters - right after I freshly filled them, of course. Ugh! I feel your pain! Sharon B in Franklin

  3. Sometimes you just have to reset your storage space. Even if it's due to avoidance, at least you did something constructive. It looks great.


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