Friday, September 18, 2015

The Big Payoff

... You may never know ...

I'm in Chattanooga at the AQS show today, but had to share a couple of comments in connection with yesterday's post about Ode to Orange, an early quilt I gave to Son-2 and DIL.

"Love this quilt my mom writes about: . Gets a lot of use in our home. (Took another L. Smith original to TIFF, too.)"

"Having a quilting mother-in-law is THE BEST."

 I have to add:  Having a son and daughter-in-law who appreciate my work is even BESTER!

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  1. Having family members appreciate your effort is the best. I was stunned when I went home after Christmas last year to find that my Mom had replaced her custom made comforter with the quilt I gave her for Christmas last year. Surprised and pleased was an understatement.


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