Friday, September 18, 2015

Got It!!

... Cut and Shuffle Quilts

Many of my readers also follow The Colorful Fabriholic so I'm pleased to announce that Jan Ochterbeck's long-awaited book finally hit the shelves at the AQS Show in Chattanooga!!

Just inside the door, in the AQS booth, right there on the rack with all the other AQS pubs:

Cut and Shuffle Quilts - center stage

... and in the special exhibit of recent AQS authors:

Labyrinth by Jan Ochterbeck

I have my copy, and I look forward to trying out some of the patterns.  Congratulations, Jan!!

Y'all go out and get yours right now!


  1. I'll have to take a look at that book. The display quilt is certainly fun.

  2. Thanks, Libby, for the shout-out! It's so exciting to finally see my book in AQS's booth. I hope you enjoy my Block Mama method of making the blocks. That display quilt is actually quite easy - one simple block in positive and negative colorways. Thanks for featuring my book on your blog today! I hope you enjoyed the rest of the AQS show.


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