Thursday, September 17, 2015

TBT - Ode to Orange

A Winner!

Sadly, a number of my earliest projects are still UFOs.  But there is one completed early project I am proud to show.

Honeycomb Waffle class with Sara Nephew at the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show in 2003.  Not sure exactly why I selected the class OR the colors, but my quilting life changed at that point.

Ode to Orange
The Class:  I think I was intrigued by the 3-dimensional effect of the cubes created by light/medium/dark values. And it didn't take long to fall in love with the easy strip-piecing technique. It quickly became the first class I taught and remained my most popular class, as well. I would swear to my students not to divulge it's simplicity to their families and friends. (picture flour-on-face Krispie squares commercial)

The Colors:  I thought I hated orange, but having worked on a charity quilt with orange in it, I found my attention drawn to orange when fabric shopping.  I had accumulated a collection of orange FQs (the medium).  I also had a collection of dark blue FQs, the complement of orange.  And I happened to have yardage of the light floral with both orange and blue in it to be the constant.

The Plan:  Because I had used a variety of fabrics, it took a while to find a pleasant arrangement.  I decided to put the lighter oranges in the middle to create a glow. 

The Gift:  I gave it to Son-2 and DIL where it has been used (very well) in their family room ever since.

The Prize:  Third place ribbon at the Tennessee State Fair in the small/lap quilt category!

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  1. Orange!
    And I just puzzled out the block - flour-on-face indeed! What a fun (and lovable) quilt!

  2. That quilt is beautiful. You did a great job with the fabric arrangement, and the orange border is perfect! Thanks for linking up at Throwback Thursday today.

  3. Outstanding - really nice dimension! I like your use of gradient fabric in the border.

  4. Wonderful use of color in that quilt. Orange as an accent is really striking. Beautifully done.

  5. A gorgeous Quilt. I have never seen that pattern and it looks so intricate. Where can I find the pattern? The light really does flow from the center, love it.

  6. I once thought I hated orange too. Then I realized that I hated WEARING orange. Quilting with orange is something entirely different.


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