Monday, January 25, 2016

Blue Monday

What's Wrong With This Picture?


Blue is the January color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge so, confined indoors by the snow,  I decided to work on a few more Twinkler Stars for Angela's Column-Along. I looked under every pile on my cutting table, between strips in the blue box, under the ironing board, on the floor under the sewing machine -- that fourth 3-1/2" background square was nowhere to be found and I had no more of that particular fabric to cut a new one.

A solution!
BUT, I did have a 2" strip, so I cut two 3-5/8" chunks ....

It barely shows
... stitched them together along the long side with a scant 1/4" seam, and trimmed to size.

Voila! A complete block!  Despite my recent rants about Tri-Recs units (the dark points) I think I have finally mastered the process. I'll share my tips in a future post.

In my quest for fabric to finish the corner I even searched in the Smith Mountain Morning project box(es). I haven't touched this project since I took the class from Bonnie Hunter at Mountain Quiltfest two or three years ago.

This is it!
I found it woefully incomplete with far too many blue and brown fabrics tied up in limboland. So I decided to spend today cutting what I need to complete it and then I can file the fabrics back in their appropriate containers.

Smith Mountain Morning, from Scraps and Shirttails by Bonnie Hunter, is what's on my design wall today.  Oh, and did you notice what the star points are made from? Yep, more Tri-Recs! I will NOT be deterred. I might even finish the border on Celtic Solstice ......

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  1. I'm glad you had enough fabric to finish your gorgeous Twinkle star block. I'm not going to participate in the Rainbow challenge, but I really like this block. Good for you for pushing forth with you Bonnie quilts!

  2. I'm glad your tri-recses are behaving better! (I had to piece a square to use for the little star point for a twinkler the other day. I had two bits that weren't quite big enough, and I didn't want to cut another strip just for one square...)
    Smith Mountain Morning is one of the (many!) Bonnie Hunter quilts I want to make someday. Good thing I'm planning to live forever!

  3. The Twinkle star block is my new favorite star block. I also like the Smith Mountain Morning, so I will enjoy reading about your progress on it.

  4. Way to make it work!!! I loved making this block and learning to use the tri-recs. I have so many projects in boxes with the fabrics tied up! Ugh!!!

  5. Way to go! You made it work in true quilting tradition! Your projects are looking good. Sharon B in Franklin

  6. I hate it when a piece goes missing, but you found a way to finish it up. Very pretty blues in the twinkle star block. Looks like you are in finish it up mode, good luck with all your projects.


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