Thursday, January 7, 2016


... it's about time

I'm finally putting fingers to keyboard while thinking about quilting plans for 2016.
  • My first goal is to only set monthly goals -- eat the elephant one bite at a time, as they say. In the past I have set grand goals for the entire year, only to find my attention diverted or my circumstances changed and the goals are either unattainable or immaterial.  
Heidi at Red Letter Quilts  has issued the OMG challenge (One Monthly Goal) with a linkup at the beginning of the month where I can state my goal and a linkup at the end of the month to report my progress.
  • Related to OMG, a second activity will involve stash reduction. I want to take some time each month to re-evaluate, reorganize, and reduce the amount of fabric I have. The more I use, the less I'll have to pack when we move! 
Circumstances here with the Queen Mother have not changed (thanks to all who have sent encouraging messages and offered prayers), so we'll remain here for a while longer. The new house is still in the design stage, but the Main Man can work on that anywhere we live and we certainly want to be in East Tennessee when construction begins.
  • Also related to OMG, I want to address UFOs without setting a particular overall goal for completion. One or two might pop up in a monthly goal from time to time, but I refuse to feel guilty if my children inherit some partially finished projects! However, I will attempt to do something with them, even if it means passing them on to others or completely trashing.
I have recently reduced the number of boxes containing "someday" projects by returning uncut fabric to the shelves. If I ever decide to make those quilts, it might involve some shopping ..... just sayin' ...
  • My major goal for the year is to update and improve my blog -- basically freshen it up, add some of my personality to the template, index/tag my posts, and figure out how to do pages. I also want to devote semi-regular times to writing. 
Ideally this will also manifest itself in more participation with new linkups, thus reaching a new audience of potential friends. I can't tell you how special my blog relationships are to me.

  • Finish assembly of yellow/gray pineapple top, make back, take to LAQ, name and label.
Yellow/gray exploding pineapple -- needs a name
 Heidi said we could only have one goal, so that's it. However, I also plan to:
  • Finish blocks for Geese on the Move, look for appropriate setting/sashing fabric.
  • Make 6-8 blue Twinkler Stars for the column-along that Angela at So Scrappy is hosting as part of Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2016.
Waiting to become Twinkler Stars

  •  Put borders on Celtic Solstice

Celtic Solstice - Bonnie Hunter mystery 2014
  • Start working on Starfall
Starfall - needs a name
I know this sounds ambitious, but I'll be heading out to my annual Rock Island Retreat next week with four whole days (and some nights) devoted to nothing but sewing ... and eating ... and walking ... and eating ... 

Hop over to Red Letter Quilts and see what others are working on this month.


  1. Looks like you're all lined up for a perfect retreat! Enjoy!

  2. You have some really pretty projects going on. You know which one I want to see more of ! :)

  3. I like the idea of one project/month. Right now mine is to get the quilt to the LAQ. lol Other than that, I'm trying to clean and sort my stash and reduce inferior fabrics I bought 15 years ago. Some of them just need to go! It was great seeing you this afternoon. Have a great time at R I. Sharon B in Franklin

  4. It is great to see your Pineapple Quilt coming together! I was just thinking today about the technique you shared with a tutorial for this! Thank you for linking up!

  5. This sounds like a manageable approach. I'm glad the pineapple quilt is at the top of your list too.

  6. Your pineapple quilt is one of my favorites. It will be fun to see that beauty finished. You will be busy, but sewing for four days will get you moving on your goals. Have fun!

  7. Best wishes in meeting all your goals! I like your one-month-at-a-time approach rather than whole-year goals, too.
    Have fun at your retreat!

  8. Good luck with meeting all those goals. Retreats are the best! So much sewing, so much gossip, so much inspiration! You come back fresh are itching to get on with more sewing. Have fun.

  9. You've got some really fun projects to work on at the retreat. And you've set some reasonable goals for the year. Good luck with all the stitching this year.


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