Friday, January 1, 2016

Feeling like a slug ...

... waiting for the other shoe to fall ...

It seems like the entire blogging world is reviewing their years, reminiscing on their most successful blog posts, and setting goals for 2016, while I sit here, moving as slowly as a slug, trying to be motivated, but kinda numb instead.

My mother-in-law, whom we lovingly refer to as the Queen Mother, has been declining in the last few weeks and we have finally enlisted the aid of Alive Hospice to help us through this time. Known for her stubborn determination (a/k/a Eveready Bunny), she could hang on for quite a bit longer, but we can finally see what the future holds for her. Our goal is to keep her comfortable, free from pain.

And while I'm not directly related, nor the primary caregiver, I feel helpless, not knowing what to do. Can I cook with gas while she's on oxygen ... what hair care products can  we use ... what does that cough mean ... silly stuff we take for granted under ordinary circumstances.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

However, it IS January 1, a new year extends in front of me, and so today I intentionally turned to quilting for both comfort and motivation.  I actually have two new projects in the works!

First is a class sample to accompany a proposal for Fall Quilt Camp at Cedar Lakes 2016.  I am working up a class from blogger Jan Ochterbeck's book Cut and Shuffle Quilts.

She presents such a fun concept of starting with a simple framed block, the Block Mama, and then cutting it into 9 pieces which can be turned and shuffled and repositioned into several new and exciting block designs.

Positivity in progress, using the Plus Block
Second, I have decided to not only participate in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2016, hosted by Angela at SoScrappy, but I will be doing her column-quilt-along in addition to other random scrap blocks in the color of the month. I have an ulterior motive in doing the column quilt-along as it will become a class sample for another Quilt Camp proposal on strippy quilts.

My friend Diana invited the S'mores to a house party at her new home and studio when her husband decided to go hunting this weekend. Oh, what trouble we can get into! I spent a good portion of today cutting up my blue scraps, the January color for RSC2016. I just went for the day since I will be cooking breakfast for the homeless Saturday morning, but I plan to go back and get another project cut for an upcoming retreat.

Maybe the mojo is coming back ...

I do have a few goals in mind for the year which I will share in future posts.

My wish for all ...
A Joyous New Year


  1. Life is hard sometimes, but these days with your mother in law will be so precious. I'll be praying for you all. I have not seen Jan's book, but hope to get it soon. Enjoy your planning and stitching.

  2. I feel for what you're going through with your MIL - my dad's in the same situation. The hospice people are wonderful; it's a blessing to have their services.
    Your Positivity WIP looks great - I love your palette. Thanks for featuring my book and for your interest in teaching a Cut and Shuffle workshop. I hope your proposal gets accepted!
    And may your mojo come back in spades.

  3. We went through that in 2014 with my MIL. Though we'd been told it would be a long 6 months, it went much faster than any of us were prepared for. You just have to enjoy the good days she has.

    Looks like you've got some fun projects picked out for 2016. I'm looking forward to seeing your RSC project each week.

  4. Sending hugs. I know how hard this is.
    I'm glad you've got quilting to turn to for comfort and distraction. Looking forward to your projects in RSC!

  5. Thoughts and prayers for you as you go through such a difficult and emotional time.


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