Sunday, January 3, 2016

House Party!

I could live here ...

It was my first visit to friend Diana's house (which is stunning, BTW), but take a peak at her studio! 

With a full bath and small kitchenette area, I could stay forever!

Spacious cutting table
I spent two days standing at the cutting table, prepping for the January Rainbow Scrap Challenge (blue) ...

and cutting pieces for a new quilt (Starfall).

The year is starting to take shape already.


  1. Wow...what a great studio. Happy New Year.

  2. Oh, my... You're not coming home, are you?

  3. Nice! It looks like a shop! Getting things cut in advance is so nice...when you are ready to sew, you can just sew.

  4. Wow, your friend has a great studio! How fun that you got to play there for two days!

  5. What fun! I wish we could all have a space like that. Looks like you got great work done.

  6. Wow, that is quite a studio! Looks like you've got a great start on this year's projects.

  7. Wow that is a real studio and set up so nicely.I have a dream of one day winning money and having a quilt HOUSE. It's overtaking the one here.


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