Friday, August 19, 2016

Looking for a Stopping Place

Does this ever happen to you? 

You didn't plan to work on the project ... you just wanted to see what might be ahead of you ... if you even wanted to continue with the project at all ... if you like your fabric choices ... if you have enough of the chosen fabrics ... if the pattern makes sense ... 

And eventually it's a permanent fixture on your design wall because you know if you take it down you won't be able to figure out just where you left it ...

I need a stopping place!

The saga of Trellis Garden began at the beginning of the month when I was reviewing UFO candidates to become my One Monthly Goal (OMG) using the Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC16) colors.

Trellis Garden
I have to say this is one of the most confusing patterns I've ever encountered. First, the cover photo is very indistinct. Supposedly they used four solid colors to surround the 4-patch posey blocks -- yellow, green, pink and purple -- but all I can see is yellow and pink.

And to further confuse matters, there are three sizes with directions for all sizes in parentheses. AND there is an option of using a single fabric piece in place of the 4-patch posey. AND there is a specific placement for each of the 4 snowball colors. AND the alternate chain blocks include all 4 colors in specific places. AND the shading in the illustrations is confusing. AND it goes on for 8 pages  .... Whew! Now I remember why the project sat in a box for 4 years!

The box included some very attractive fabrics that had been out of circulation all this time so I wanted to be sure I really wanted to make this quilt; otherwise I should put the fabric back on the shelf. First I wasn't even sure the focus fabric would make pretty posies. I wrote about my struggles making the 4-patch posey block centers here.

While they weren't stunning, the posies were interesting. But I wasn't sure the snowball corners were going to enhance them.

Posey in Purple
Posey in Gold
Hmm, looking better ... so after deciding the final location of the posies, I got all the appropriately-color corners on. Now, what to use for the chain blocks? My first choice was a light floral print.

See how the four snowball corners continue into the chain block? I felt the floral a little too busy and conflicted with the posey blocks.  I tried a sold cream ...

Eh, kinda bland. I finally settled on a rich brown to complement the brown background in the posies.

Because of the placement of the 4 different colors I've had to label everything as I go.  Progress so far ...

Trellis Garden as of 8/19
I still have the light gold and light purple logs to add to the chain blocks today. At this point it appears I don't have enough of the brown to make the remaining 5 chain blocks or the half blocks intended for the first border.

Design-as-I-go! One thing's for sure: if I take it off the wall now, it will never get finished.


  1. I can see where you'd hesitate to take it off the wall! Looks like it's an interesting puzzle!
    I think I'd weasel in a second brown in the outermost edges of the outermost blocks...
    (I often think the design-as-you-go are the most fun projects of all!)

  2. Are you committed to not buying more brown or unable to match shades? I'd aim for something close enough that it looks like I planned the difference.
    That brown for the chain was perfect! I can choose colors best by looking; I have difficulty looking at a project and saying, "Hmm. What it needs is dark brown."

  3. OK, so.......imagine me doing the splits, a cartwheel, and a round off cheering you on! Go Libby Go! Go Libby Go! You can do it, you can do it, yes, you can, yes, you can!

  4. Now that is making lemonade from a lemon! It looks fantastic, and I am so glad you are finishing it and are sharing it with us.

  5. Boy that is complicated. Well done on keeping track of it all! The colours are very nicely balanced now so you'd better keep going. :-)

  6. You've done a great job interpreting the pattern. It's going to be beautiful when you get it done.


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