Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Retreat Day 2

It Takes a Village

The S'mores will call, "I need a Village!" whenever a decision needs to be made on border fabric, or the arrangement of blocks, or just an opinion in general. Here Donna is getting input on her Stems and Stones. She and several others started this quilt in a class with Kelly Young (My Quilt Infatuation) several weeks ago. The variety of fabrics they are using makes each one unique. I'll try to get photos of all of them before retreat is over.

I've been busy at my table, too. I began the day putting borders on this variation of Wink and a Smile.

Shooting Stars (a/k/a Wink & a Smile
These were extra blocks from a class sample I made 2 years ago. I also cut a wide back for this one; the binding was already made before I came.

Next I attacked the borders on Tropical Trellis, using the teal diagonal stripe as the inner and the hazy purple circles as the outer (the vote was unanimous).

Tropical Trellis
Next up was Smith Mountain Morning. All it needed was top and bottom borders.

Smith Mountain Morning
It's only taken me 8 years to finish this one!  The border fabric was made for a West Virginia shop hop several years ago. I think I will donate this one to WV flood relief.

And before the day was done, I got the center of Trellis Garden put together.

Trellis Garden
Tomorrow I want to throw together a baby quilt for the checkout lady at Kroger. And if I have time I'll work on the borders for Trellis Garden, assuming I've brought usable fabrics.

All-in-all a productive day!


  1. Your productivity amazes me! You are going to have some quilting to do... or be done when you get home! Let the good times keep rolling!

  2. An amazingly productive day! And they all look gorgeous! Sounds like you're having a great time at your retreat.

  3. Nice to see your SMM top finished. I really like the Trellis Garden top. When you showed the pattern I was like "blah", but now seeing your color choices I think that I need to find the pattern.

  4. I'll be Smith Mountain is a load off your mind, right? 8)
    You're sewing your fingers to the bone, here. And so worth it - absolutely lovely things you're making!

  5. Wow! You got a lot done. It's hard to pick a favorite out of this set, I like all of your newly finished flimsies.


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