Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Like Losing a Good Friend

Why is it?

Do you ever put off that last detail, the one thing that would give you a finish? For me, sometimes it's turning the binding, or adding the last border, or piecing a back together, or making the binding. I've tried to figure out why I procrastinate when a finish (in my book that's having a flimsy, back, and binding ready for TBQ) would feel so good. The only reason I can come up with is that when it's done I have to say goodbye to something that has consumed a lot of my thought, creativity, and time. Like saying goodbye to a good friend.

I spent most of yesterday cleaning up loose ends. Meaning, I was trying to find my work table ... again. It turned out to be a very productive day; I said goodbye to a bunch of friends by making backs and bindings for these little gems.

A River Runs Through It - 36 x 36
Strips and Curves
60 Degrees of Separation - 50 x 55
An old class sample
Waffle Town - 40 x 54

That Purple Project - 60 x 60

None of these were monster projects; one even used a single width of fabric. But they had accumulated in a pile on my table and it was time to move them to the next stage:  To Be Quilted (TBQ).  It takes a lot less space to store flimsies than finished quilts ... just sayin'.

I also prepped this little mini to be quilted by me!

After dinner I spent time looking at UFOs trying to find a One Monthly Goal (OMG) that incorporates the Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC16) colors of dull purple and olive green. It's surprising how many times I've used that combination so I actually have several projects to choose from. Stay tuned to see what I pick and declare as my OMG.


  1. It is like saying goodbye to an old friend who you visited often.

  2. What an interesting assortment of projects, Libby. I'm still pondering my OMG, too.

  3. What lovely old friends you have!
    I'll be waiting patiently to see what you choose for OMG - considering it'll be purple and green, I know it'll be great!

  4. You're right, finishing up a favorite project is like saying goodbye, but then you get to work on something new, and it's like making a new friend. I love all your projects, especially the twister one because of how you've laid out the lights and darks for strong or subtle contrast.

  5. Yes - it's like seeing your child head off to college! You work so hard to get them "finished" so to speak, but then you cry because they are gone LOL!!!

  6. A very apt analogy. That's one reason why the OMG has been such a good thing for me, it keeps me from procrastinating on at least one project.

  7. My favorite parts of quilting are picking fabrics and patterns and making the top (although sometimes I wouldn't mind if the brownies came and finished sewing the rows together). I really don't enjoy making the backs or sewing on the borders. I think that may be why my UFOs languish.
    Your quilts are looking great! Sharon B in Franklin


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