Wednesday, August 31, 2016

One Monthly Goal - August


Sew I didn't meet my goal -- again.

August OMG - Serene Glow in RSC16 color, Hazy Purple
But it's not like I was idle.  No, I was distracted by another hazy purple project and managed to get the center of the quilt completed, starting from scratch. Border decisions still to be made.

Trellis Garden
I also attached bindings to two quilts, finished turning the binding on one quilt, finished three tops, made seven backs, and made a baby quilt from scratch, including the quilting.

Gee, I wish I was still tracking my stash usage!

I didn't get photos of the finished baby quilt, but I did get a kiss from the checker at Kroger!

Reporting in for the month with Heidi at Red Letter Quilts.


  1. Trellis Garden is going to be gorgeous! I'd say you did quite well this month, goal met or not.

  2. I think you were just watching the wrong goal... 8)
    You got so much done it made me tired just reading about it!
    (I didn't finish anything. Actually, I rarely finish anything. I've decided I'm okay with that...)

  3. Congrats! You were really productive at the retreat, and you seem to have gotten a lot done since then, too. (I haven't even gotten my machine set up again.) Wow! you have been busy! You have some beautiful work to show for it, too. Sharon B in Franklin

  4. I love what is going on with this project! You've added so much life to it! Can't wait to see it with borders :)

  5. Wow, you accomplished a lot in August!!! Trellis Garden looks terrific. Cant wait to see what you do for borders.

  6. Libby, holy cow, your Trellis Garden is a stunner! I love the hues of yellow and lavender you've used for it! WOW! :)

  7. Trellis Garden is fantastic. One of my all-time favorite color combos. Seven backs completed, holy cow!

  8. I think Trellis Garden trumps your OMG project!

  9. Trellis Garden looks beautiful. As long as you moved along a project, I'd say you met your monthly objective.


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