Friday, November 4, 2016

A Fun Day

A Fun Idea!

Today my friend Nancy and I ventured about 50 miles west to a local quilt show put on by an organization that helps local women.

Supported by several quilt guilds, the show has gotten better every year.  Did I remember to take my camera? No, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

The White Oak Women's Exchange (WOWE) does a number of things right at the quilt show and I think they are worth mentioning.

1.  Admission is free -- which gives them an opportunity to share their mission with the community who might not pay to come.  However, there is a donation jar and I'll bet they get more that way than if they charged each person a set amount.

2.  Displayed in the entrance foyer are the simple comfort quilts they make for the women they help.  They have compiled a pattern book of these quilts which is now available on CD.

3. There is an extensive boutique of quilted items, as well as surprise scrap boxes.

4. A non-juried show, the quilts are categorized into three groups based on size and a fourth category for miscellaneous quilted items like table runners, bags, and clothing.  Viewer's Choice is the only prize awarded in each category.

5. In the display of quilts they group guild projects (e.g., classes) together.  It is so interesting to see the different interpretations of the same project in different colorways and fabric styles.

6.  But the best idea this year -- I have no idea if it's original or "adopted" -- was the photo op picture frame.

Nancy and Libby at the WOWE Quilt Show
Since neither Nancy nor I entered a quilt in the show, we opted to have our picture taken in front of this fabulous Dear Jane done in brown, taupes and tans.  (That quilt was my Viewer's Choice in the bed quilt category.)   The frame is made from corrugated cardboard so it's light and portable.  Everyone was having so much fun having their picture taken at the show and I'll bet quite a few show up on Facebook in the next few days.

I LOVE locally organized quilt shows. I was inspired and I had a fun day with a good friend.

Can't beat that for a Fall Friday!!

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  1. That picture frame idea is really cute! Especially if you got to pick a quilt to take a photo in front of!
    Glad you had a good time and got to support a good cause. And I forgive you for forgetting your camera...

  2. This is an interesting and thoughtful description of this lovely quilt show:)

  3. Sounds like great fun! Days like that with friends are special :)

  4. Those are good ideas for a quilt show. I'm going to share them with our board. Thanks for commenting on Progress on WIPs Be Gone.

  5. The "photo booth" was a really cute idea! Glad you and your friend enjoyed the day.

  6. Love your photo booth shot. What a great idea!


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