Monday, November 14, 2016

An Open Week

Time to get crackin'

Finally a week with no appointments or other obligations!  I'd be a slug if I didn't make good use of the time available to me (in between eye drops).

So here's the plan:

1.  Stitch the last two long seams on the red/gray Christmas quilt.  After a good pressing, measure and cut borders which will probably be applied at Smores' Christmas retreat.

Holiday Frost
2.  Stitch the last seam on teal quilt 3. This requires a slight adjustment between two blocks in order to make the seams line up. Considering the loose approach I had to this quilt, it's surprising I only have one intersection to correct.

Teal Quilt 3 - see the lump?
3.  Finish cutting 320 2x3" flying geese -- yes, I'm cutting a new quilt.  I bought a modern pattern at a recent quilt show and couldn't wait to get started on it.

4.  Quilt the Christmas table runners.

That's my plan and we'll see if I stick to it.


  1. It's good to have a plan. Good luck with sticking to it!! :P

  2. I like those flying geese! Yes... having a plan is a good thing. It's so nice to have no obligations, too!

  3. Sounds like you have an awesome plan and lots of time to work on it. Good luck with all your projects!

  4. Hello on Thursday! How're you doing with your list?

  5. Love your new project! Can see why you couldn't wait. Hope the week worked out as you planned.


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