Monday, November 21, 2016

Color Me Crazy

I just don't know when to stop!

Lately I have been striving -- not always successfully -- to "use it up."  If I've used a fabric in a project, I'm trying not to put leftovers or scraps back on the shelf.

That's how I ended up with three teal quilts which, if you've been watching closely, hardly look teal at all!  But teal has been a unifying theme in them all.  The leftovers from quilt 1 ...

Teal Quilt 1 - Star Gazing
... went into quilt 2 ...

Teal Quilt 2 - Shoofly
... and the leftover border from quilt 2 went into quilt 3.

Teal Quilt 3 - Unnamed
No doubt there will be a Teal Quilt 4 using the border I'm considering for this one!

Anyway, as I was cutting the border for Checkers, Anyone? last week,

Checkers, Anyone?
I got to thinking -- always dangerous, I know -- if that Hawaiian fabric would work in a One Block Wonder.  Yep, you guessed it ...

This is what is on my design wall this Monday.  Still working on the layout.  I had to cut creatively to get 6 repeats. It will be a small quilt, or the center of something larger.  We'll see where this leads!

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  1. Can't wait to see what you do with your One Block Wonder! It is amazing how many different hexagons you get with this technique.

  2. Great One Block Wonder blocks! I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

  3. What a novel idea. It's so much fun to see the leftovers go from one finished quilt to the next one so clearly. Well done. You ARE being very creative.

  4. I love your state of mind of "using it all up!" "Star Gazing" is a winner, as is your new OBW!

  5. Wow, five fabulous quilts emerging from those fabrics. Wonderful. The last one is one of my favorites

  6. Love those 3 teal quilts. All 3 are so pretty. Love that red Hawaiian fabric. You've really done a lot of finishing up older projects and using up the left overs.

  7. I love the idea of moving scraps from one quilt straight into the next and the way I can look at the three teal quilts and see where that decision took you. I particularly love the third of those quilts - it is gorgeous!


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