Saturday, November 19, 2016

Did I Say Open Week?

Maybe ... Sorta ....

I decided a friend needed a hug on Monday so went out to lunch with her.  Tuesday it was dinner out.  Wednesday it was grocery day, out.  Thursday, went out to pick up DH at car place and on to Sears to pick up a dishwasher part.  Friday, back out to pick up car.  Saturday, modern guild meeting.  I always find it hard to get back in the sewing groove after going out; so much for an "open" week!  But let's see how much progress I made.

I finished cutting the 320 geese -- actually, about twice that many since I altered my color plan.  That is to say, I developed a color plan -- black/hot pink/yellow/gray -- based on this inspiration fabric.

I mocked up a sample block and now I'm questioning the black in the big goose.  Actually, I'm questioning the big goose ...

Oh, well, I'm happy with the little geese and they will make a great leader/ender project. Sew don't be looking for a finished quilt any time soon.

Next I corrected the wonky intersection in teal quilt 3 and stitched the long seam, only to discover that I need to construct a whole 'nother row of blocks to balance the bottom side of the quilt!! 

Teal Quilt 3
Not enough fabric to make it all the way around. And looking at this photo I think some blocks may be turned wrong!!!  Sorry to say this one has gone back into the box until I feel up to dealing with the disappointment.

Having cleared off that spot on my sewing table, I came across another new modern quilt pattern and started thinking about what fabric I might have on hand that would work for it.  You know what's coming next, don't you.

Yep, I started cutting another project-- Obligated.

I'm using a collection of wild and crazy prints designed by Sherrill Kahn for Robert Kaufman.  The background in the pic is one that was used in the pattern example so that was my inspiration point.  But I think it's a bit muddy with the feature prints I'm using so I may go for a solid background .... hmm, maybe a black.  What do you think?

Beside the Obligated pattern on my sewing table was a stack of pieces I think I made for Bonnie Hunter's mystery, Grand Illusion, 2 years ago.  These funky 2" checkerboards didn't seem to go with everything else in that quilt that was on a 2.5" grid -- at least in my mind, anyway -- but they were made and it was time to do something with them.

Checkers, Anyone? - work in progress
I combined the 8s into 16s and used the excess 4s as cornerstones in the sashing. (That one unit turned the wrong way has since been corrected and the entire center is together.)

Border for Checkers
Borders will probably have to wait till after Thanksgiving, but this is what I have selected.  I purchased this fabric in Hawaii about 8-10 years ago and have been looking for the perfect project. There will be a small black inner border to set it off.

Underneath that pile of checkerboards was a stack of HSTs that were cut off heart blocks the modern guild made for Pulse survivors and families.  They were all trimmed to an even 4.5" so it didn't take long to whip them into a top.

I passed this on to another guild member on Saturday to add borders from her stash. Then someone else will add the back and another will quilt it -- kinda round robin approach to a charity quilt.

Holiday Frost is still in three pieces, but it should be a quick Sunday sew in between loads of laundry.  So I accomplished quite a bit, even though I didn't do what I had planned.

I'll be showing off my scrappiness at Quilting is More Fun than Housework on Sunday.

Eye Surgery Update

I'm happy to report that DH came through both cataract surgeries without incident, though he does have a condition in the retina of one eye that may require further surgery.  The good news (for me, anyway) is that he has been released to drive and has mastered the art of administering his own eye drops that will have to continue for quite a while to help the retina situation.

I still do a double-take when I see him without glasses. And I'm afraid he'll poke an eye out trying to push the phantom glasses back up his nose!!


  1. Once DH pokes himself in the eye a couple of times, he'll remember that he no longer wears glasses. :P LOVE that Round Robin Charity quilt!! Our bee works like that sometimes, too. Great way to work toward our strengths.

  2. I was so happy to see the HST quilt yesterday! You had a brilliant idea to round robin it for charity...I like the way you think Libby!

  3. OMG,your open week turned into busy, busy, busy, and productive! I love the inspiration print for your FG project. And th eborder you're using for the checkerboard project is perfect! Glad to hear the eye surgeries went well.

  4. When a project hits a roadblock, you absolutely have to start a bunch of new projects, just to change your luck. This is a true thing. 8)
    I love all your projects - you always seem to find a bunch of wonderful toys to play with!

  5. What a bunch of fun projects for us to look at! I really like the beginnings of your flying geese quilt - the colors you chose look wonderful with the gray background. Also, to make a whole quilt out of leftover HSTs is so amazing! I loved how you laid it out!

  6. Looks like you had a great week filled with fun projects! Thanks for sharing them with Oh Scrap!

  7. Very fun projects. I like the start you've got on Obligated, those fabrics are my favorite kind, bright!

  8. These are all fantastic projects!

  9. Great things done this week. The geese colors are super. The background for those wild pieces is too wimpy. Maybe grey or some solid that will let them pop. Love the HST top, nice to have the round robin.


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