Friday, August 3, 2018

Free Time

Week in Review

It's amazing what one can accomplish when she stays home and takes a pass on housework.  We've only been here since February so how dirty can the house be?  (My socks, unfortunately, tell the truth!)  But the sun will come up tomorrow whether I dust or not, right?

Early in the week I put the finishing touches on the fall flimsy

I then prepped it and two other tops to go to the longarm quilter.

The third quilt of this trio on the left is one I finished a couple of years ago -- started in a class with someone whose name escapes me at the moment (I'll get back to you with the details later).  We had just returned from a Caribbean cruise so I named this one Sand and Surf because the colors reminded me of the incredibly blue seas down there.

I assembled eight rows (one quadrant) of Garden Mosaic.

And finished tiny hourglass units from leftover corner cutoffs.

To get consistency, I had to trim these to 2.25".  I'm thinking these will become a decorative strip on some placemats for SIL to go with the winter wall hanging.

I also finished the Wedding Quilt but forgot to take a picture before I prepped it for the LAQ.  Here it is when it was still loose blocks.  I rearranged the blocks before sewing them together.

Five and Dime from Loose Change
So we're driving to Nashville today to deliver four quilts to the LAQ, three of which are Christmas gifts.  She is booked through October but thinks she can get them done.  All are on the small side so I'm hopeful.


  1. How exciting! Four finished quilts are in your near future. Great quilts, too! The wedding quilt sure grabs me. Love it.

  2. Dusting is over-rated.
    Besides, a quilt is forever, but dusting just has to be done again in a month or two... 8)

  3. I agree dusting is over-rated, it just gets dusty again. Congrats on making so much progress, you'll have lots of finishes shortly.


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