Monday, August 6, 2018

Wildlife Wednesday - on Tuesday ... oops, Monday

Giant Praying Mantis

Moving very slowly, did not flinch when I went out on the deck to photograph.
(Yikes, please ignore the mildew.)

Female, bigger and prettier than the male.
Does it remind you of the Geico gecko?

Yes, I see you, too!
People keep these as pets!  $28 on Amazon, includes free fruit flies.
Four hours later and she had only moved about 10 feet.

After googling, I suspect she may have just molted this morning and was drying her wings.
She is now on the deck railing, strategically positioned to snag victims from
Charlotte's web .. or maybe Charlotte!


  1. I see one about once a year here. They are so interesting to look at. And how interesting that they dry their wings after molting. Great photos!

  2. She's a beauty!
    I saw a small praying mantis the other day, and it's the first one I've seen in years. I do love a bug who eats other bugs!


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