Sunday, August 5, 2018

My Guy

On this date 40 years ago I sold a Kansas house in the morning, finalized a divorce in the afternoon, loaded a rental truck to the gills and headed home to The Folks in Tennessee. 

The following Monday I started my new job as specifications typist at an architectural firm and a bright young draftsman/office boy stopped by my cubicle to invite me to the office canoe outing the next weekend.

Sadly, I was not able to go on the outing but one month later that office boy and I had our first "real" date (lunches don't count).  I never went out with anyone else and after 3 years of "consideration" we decided to make it official.

During the round trip to the longarm quilter near Nashville on Friday I got my hair trimmed (must have been inspired by Jocelyn/Canadian Needle Nana) --

My husband commented that he liked the cut because it reminds him of how I looked when he first met me.  (He forgets I had bangs then.)  He has NEVER commented on my hair (without my asking) in 40 years!


  1. Cute do!! So different and sleek that Mr. Lakeside took notice? Good for you!!

  2. Happy anniversary of the big change in your life. Look how well it turned out!

  3. I love it when memories are triggered. Love the new do!

  4. Well, your hair does look nice - what a great picture! And congrats on your 40th anniversary!


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