Friday, October 26, 2018

OK, Folks,

I need help

I know some of my valued friends will have great ideas for 
what to do with one of my oldest (if not THE oldest) UFO.

Early in my quilting career a guild member suggested that I join a hand-piecing bee that met at her house.  I did.  And I thoroughly enjoyed hand piecing the blocks.  But the thought of putting an entire quilt together by hand seemed beyond my skill set.  So that's as far as I got with these Tree of Life blocks some 20 years ago.

These blocks "should" finish at 14".  Unfortunately, they vary about 1/4".  
And, also, because of the distinct variation in backgrounds, some sort of sashing will be required.  

My first instinct was to set them like this:

But I would be in a quandry on what to do with those huge corners!

My second inspiration is to do something like this ...


... which would allow me to do something interesting in the center 
and possibly the setting triangles, as well.  But I feel it's somewhat uninspired.

I'm thinking a wall hanging, so I don't really want to get too carried away.  And I think I am now comfortable with assembling by machine, though I may want to make any alternate blocks by hand.

The urgency is I want to be able to show this in May 2019.

What say you?


  1. These are beautiful tree blocks, Libby. Maybe appliqué some flowers in the center and the setting triangles? Or embroider a favorite quote in the center? You will work your magic, I’m sure!

  2. Love your blocks! I like the second set up and agree with Ramona--maybe a quote about trees?

  3. Gorgeous blocks! I think a lot depends on what fabric you use to set them together with. Using a print rather than a neutral would be unexpected. But it would have to be the right print. Or even trying a different colors as the setting pieces, a pale pink (like sunrise) or a green (dark or pale).

  4. Libby, I really like them. You didn't say what your end goal is. I really like the first layout with them all together. It would make a very distinctive wall hanging. Also, a table topper or tablecloth comes to mind, with the trees all pointing out from the center. A narrow bold stop sash and a neutral blender in those corners bringing it to table cloth size, using your kitchen or dining room theme colors. Just says wow to me.

  5. I really like your hand-pieced blocks. In my hand piecing group, we have no problem sewing the blocks together by machine to finish the quilt top.
    If you piece pale scrappy alternate blocks & setting triangles, you could use different low volume prints and solids and they would blend together with your tree blocks.
    Do you ever do applique? Perhaps some applique in the alternate blocks and side triangles would complement your tree blocks.
    Good luck - I'm sure you'll have a lovely quilt to show in May.

  6. I'm torn between suggesting piecing a fifth block (not necessarily by hand) for filling in the center of that second arrangement, or doing an applique block on a scrappy light background for the same spot.
    Or maybe doing the first setting with scrappy hsts in the corners - like an extended-play birds-in-air?
    Oh, the possibilities... Good luck with a decision! (I have in mind to eventually make a quilt with these blocks. I made a mini version back in the 90's when I was in mini-mode, and have always wanted to do a larger one.)

  7. Yes to the on-point setting. What about pieced alternate blocks? Or something like Charlotte's Baskets by Bonnie Hunter?


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