Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Another Retreat

Yes, it seems like the S'mores are always gathering somewhere.  This time it is our "Official" summer retreat at the Nazarene church camp where we've been meeting since the 2010 flood wiped out our previous favorite, the Lutheran church camp. We tried the Presbyterian church camp in the interim, but it didn't fit our needs.  Ecumenical, we are!

I assembled an assortment of UFOs, mostly things that require borders, taking advantage of the generous table space we have.  Some of these projects are so old I don't have pictures on this computer!

    Borders on old round robin - done!

    Borders on RSC Sampler - cut

    Borders on Jet Girl - done!

    Assemble Megan II - done!

    Finish and trim Patricia Kaleidoscope - together but that's all I could manage

Still to go:

    Lay out Tumbling Triangles and assemble if there is time

    Cut new project:  On the Fence (in case I have machine problems)

The Cloud is not loading my photos from this remote location so stay tuned for a final report in a few days..


  1. It sounds handy to have lots of space for measuring and laying things out.
    Have fun!

  2. Planning a finishing border per quilt is a great way to finish a lot of tops at a retreat and appear to be speedy. :-)

  3. Oh my all those wonderful stitching goodies packed away in those totes. Good luck with your plans and enjoy it all!


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