Thursday, August 12, 2021

Progress on the Home Front

 The new fence has been installed around the secret garden and I began digging out irises and lilies.

If we are lucky (and the weather cooperates) we may get started on reworking the garden this week. We consulted a landscaping contractor working next door and if he gets done there early, he'll bring his equipment over to remove all the undesirable vegetation and lift/replace the stepping stones.

One of the undesirables is a large butterfly bush.  They are considered invasive in this part of the world and we have plenty more in other parts of the yard.  

Sadly, the butterflies will need to relocate.

Work continues sporadically on the deck enclosure.  The posts have been wrapped and the soffits and fascia were added last week.

Measured for screens yesterday and gutters will be next.  Railings won't be installed until the decking is replaced.


  1. It's looking good there, Libby! I don't know anything about butterfly bushes, but it's too bad they are considered invasive - because there's a butterfly on yours!

  2. I had heard that the butterfly bushes were invasive but I couldn't keep them alive after 5 years. I'm going to be more aware of what it invasive after my Rose of Sharon forest settled in.

  3. What a lovely outdoor space that is going to be, Libby!

  4. It's going to be GORGEOUS! I think you might need a good piece of equipment to get that butterfly bush out. We dug one out and it came right back the next year. I love watching your progress and I envy that you will have a screened in porch! Take care and have a safe and happy weekend!

  5. There sure are a lot of steps involved in getting that screen porch! (Almost like making a quilt!)

  6. You've got a lot going on in and out of the sewing room!


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