Saturday, August 21, 2021

Flower Friday ... on Saturday

 ... and a retreat update

I recently -- well, maybe a month ago -- bought two hanging baskets to brighten up my front garden.  I was so proud of them, but never got around to taking a picture.

About a week ago the deer discovered this one.

I was beyond depressed so I moved both up on the front stoop until I could face the situation.  Look at what I discovered when I returned from retreat ...

Even the impatiens are regenerating. That is the same purple vine!  I've been calling it sweet potato, but I wasn't sure so I googled it and, indeed, it is sweet potato vine.

Apparently the deer don't like mandevilla, as they never touched it.  

After getting complacent about the deer, we have started to apply Deer-Off again.  Gosh, that stuff stinks!  

Looks like the S'mores got out of retreat just in time.  This is the dining hall this morning.

As I said in an earlier report, we no longer use the dining hall for meals.  The lodge building we were in is uphill a bit from the dining hall.  The wall that is referenced was built a couple of years ago after two major floods.  Looks like they didn't build it high enough!  So sad.


  1. Great pot rejuvenation! A nice surprise to come home, too. Is your area getting lots of storms to cause flooding? I don't know how far from home your retreat was.

  2. I've been seeing images of the devastating flooding in Tenn. and I sure hope you're okay. Is your home far enough uphill from your lake that your home that it's safe? Thinking of you and hoping you're okay,

  3. The TN floods were in this morning's Trib. I can't imagine that much rainfall in one day -- like having a bucket upended. Hope your lake is not encroaching on your house.

  4. It is so sad to hear about and see the coverage of the flooding in Tenn right now. My prayers are with those in your state. Be safe.

  5. I'm playing catch up on blog reading. You got a lot done at the retreat and so did your fellow retreaters. Some really cool stuff in the works on both fronts. Hopefully the deer will steer clear for awhile and you can enjoy your pretty flowers till autumn sets in.

  6. Hi Libby, thanks for sharing all the retreat many neat ideas and I enjoyed spying a tumbling blocks in solid colours. That is a real shame about the flooding. Seems mother nature is mad at us or something!
    The deer here eat a certain hosta and leave others; I really don't know why.

  7. There were some beautiful quilts there. You were very porductive

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